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The POSSE Group has been EcoEntreprise certified since 2018. This approach makes it easier to monitor compliance with good practices in terms of sustainable development and social responsibility.

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Corporate citizenship

The POSSE Group has been certified as a corporate citizen since 2020. It is based on prior certification to ISO 9001 – quality management system – and ISO 14001 – environmental management system standards and requires compliance with a series of requirements in the areas of governance, human rights, working conditions, the environment, fair practices, respect for customers and civic commitment.

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ISO 9001 – Quality management

The POSSE Group has been ISO 9001 certified since 2020. This standard makes it possible to optimise the quality provided in all our activities: from the analysis of the client’s needs to the personalisation of our offers. Le système de gestion de la qualité garantit que nos services sont fournis conformément aux spécifications prévues, afin de garantir une qualité constante et la pleine satisfaction du client.

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ISO 14001 – Environmental management

The POSSE Group has been ISO 14001 certified since 2020. This standard defines management criteria that oblige us to measure and reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. ISO 14001 also makes it possible to anticipate and control the environmental risks associated with our activities.

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