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How does it work?

We spray intumescent paint, i.e. fire-resistant paint on your structures, whether they are metal or concrete.

Intumescent paint systems consist of two to three layers:

  1. base layer serving as corrosion protection, tested as an integral part of the system;
  2. application of intumescent coating – thickness according to standards;
  3. top coat in a colour of your choice, tested as part of the system.

Coatings with a thickness of approx. 0.3 to 4 mm swell under the effect of heat and form an insulating foam. This foam thickens and therefore slows down the heating process.

Protect your structures with AEAI-recognised intumescent paint

The Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Institutions (VKV) has certified our experts in this field since 2020. The intumescent paints R30 and R60 (duration of fire resistance) have been tested and are recognised by the Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Institutions (VKV).


Intumescent coating

Contact our technical support Posse

It’s easy to contact us, ask our AEAI (Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Establishments) certified intumescent paint specialists for a quote or advice. We operate throughout Switzerland, so do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to benefit from our know-how.

Phone +41 21 635 23 45

Intumescent paint

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