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The stages of a major construction project

Site preparation

Before you start painting, careful preparation is essential. This includes cleaning, degreasing, sanding and repairing surfaces. Our Posse team will assess the condition of the surfaces and carry out the necessary preliminary work to ensure optimum paint adhesion.

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Choice of materials and colors

The choice of paint materials is crucial. For large-scale projects, it’s important to select high-quality paints that are resistant to weather, UV and wear. What’s more, the choice of colours must be in keeping with the aesthetics of the project and the customer’s needs.

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Paint application

Applying paint requires technical expertise. Our teams of professional painters use advanced techniques such as spraying, rolling and brushing to achieve a uniform, impeccable result. Worker safety is also a priority during application.

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Compliance with safety standards

Large-scale projects often involve heights, scaffolding and complex environments. Our painting professionals ensure strict compliance with safety standards to guarantee the safety of workers and occupants.

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Finishing and cleaning

Once the paint has been applied, the focus shifts to the finish. Our professional teams check colour uniformity and carry out any necessary touch-ups. Finally, a complete clean-up of the site is carried out to leave behind an impeccable structure.

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Paint experts

Painting services for large sites are not limited to simply applying the paint. They include meticulous preparation, judicious choice of materials, compliance with safety standards and the quest for perfection in the finish. Calling on our painting experts is the key to ensuring the success of any major construction or renovation project.

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