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News / Saving lives in the event of a fire by saving time

Intumescent coatings

Saving lives in the event of a fire by saving time

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Intumescent coatings for steel and concrete construction

The POSSE Group, AEAI certified, offers various solutions with intumescent paints for fire protection.

Intumescent coatings for steel construction

In fire resistance (metal structures), unlike most other methods of protection, intumescent paints do not alter the external dimensions of the structure and make it possible to preserve the framework without any noticeable increase in weight.

The paint systems offer a finish with a wide range of bright and pastel colours (e.g. RAL shades) that are easy to apply. Opaque paints are available to keep metal structures visible by adding colour.

Intumescent coatings for concrete

More and more old industrial buildings are being converted into warehouses, garages or other premises open to the public. Some objects are characterised by insufficient concrete coating. The new protection firerequirements must also be taken into account during conversion.

With our flame retardant concrete paint solutions you ensure maximum safety, protect the environment and save money by reducing the renovation time.

AEAI certified

The Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Institutions (VKV) has certified our experts in this field since 2020.

Do you need advice ?

Ask our AEAI (Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Companies) certified intumescent paint specialists for a quotation or advice.

Phone +41 21 635 23 45

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